3 WordPress Tools Your Site Needs

3 WordPress Tools Your Site Needs

3 WordPress Tools Your Site Needs

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WordPress Tools your Site needs

Are you planning to build your website with WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful tool that powers and creates many websites we see today. It is a site-building platform featuring a unique content management system. What’s more, is that this tool is free to download for all website owners.

With around 1.3 billion sites, almost half use WordPress as a website plugin.

Want to know how you can use WordPress to your advantage? Take it from a website builder, your site needs to stand out from the crowd. Here are three WordPress tools your site needs.

1. Improve Your Site’s Visibility Using Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO tools that work well with its landscape. It helps you improve your website’s SEO by analyzing your content’s readability. The more accessible your copy of the information is, the higher the chance users will stay.

If you think website traffic is dropping, modify your SEO to fit the latest trends. However, none offer as much potential as search engines. Your website can break when it gets a lot of traffic, and you can’t buy your way to the top.

What you can do is aim for the right keywords to describe your site. There are chances that the site will not appear immediately. However, this will boost your ranking on search engines.

2. Get Smush Image Compressor Program

Smush is a WordPress plugin that optimizes the site’s images without losing quality. The plugin sets a maximum size in both width and length for faster loading time. It also compresses images that occupy a lot of memory space, tuning it down so your website can handle it.

WP Smush is an easy plugin for beginners to hop on if you use pictures in your website design. It auto-compresses the images you upload, so you won’t need to deal with a few photo edits.

With Smush, you can convert old images to look like new ones. However, some browsers aren’t able to support the images shown. The best you can go with is sticking the most common format websites use.

3. Use WPForms to Make a Contact Form

WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress tools for covering contact forms. This tool helps website visitors reach out to you and vice versa. This WordPress website design tool allows you to create orders, surveys, and poll forms.

WPForms has a non-tracking feature that secures your location when using it. If you’re building a business website, we recommend you use this.

Use These WordPress Tools to Make Your Website Today

It’s impossible to have your website by itself, especially if it’s running on WordPress. For the website to prosper, you will need to use plugins. This WordPress tool will then help to optimize your content, boosting the website.

We hope these WordPress tools help you in making your website. Are you looking for other WordPress tools to use? Contact us today how we can help you design your website.

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