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What Is Content Syndication? 

Content syndication is a content marketing strategy that involves republishing existing content on other websites to reach a broader audience. This strategy is based on mutual benefit: the syndicating website gains access to quality content, and the original content creator gets exposure to a new audience. The result? Potentially driving more traffic back to their site. There is also a chance to get more backlinks to help with your SEO. 

How Does Content Syndication Help? 

Content syndication can amplify your content’s reach and visibility. With syndication, your content appears on various high-authority websites, reaching a wider audience and increasing the chances of generating qualified leads. It also builds your brand’s credibility, as your content is seen alongside other reputable sources. 

At MWD Web Design, we have direct access to over 100+ Authority News websites, allowing us to cast a wider net and increase your chances of getting more eyes on your content through various channels.  

How Is Content Syndication Done? 

  • Choosing the Right Content: The first step in content syndication is selecting the right content. The content chosen should be evergreen, provide value to the reader, and align with the audience of the syndicating website. This increases the likelihood of your content being accepted for syndication and generating positive results. We can help you rework existing content or have our content team come up with new articles and blogs that will stand out. 
  • Identifying Potential Syndication Partners: The next step involves identifying potential syndication partners. These are reputable websites or platforms within your industry that share a similar audience. They should have high domain authority to ensure maximum exposure and SEO benefits. We only select sites that align with your market so that your content gets in front of the right people. 
  • Monitoring and Optimization: It’s essential to monitor your content’s performance and optimize your strategy accordingly. This might involve tweaking your content, experimenting with different syndication partners, or adjusting your posting schedule. Our team can stay on top of this for you to ensure the project runs successfully. 

Our Content Syndication Process

Step One
Contact Us

Call or use our online form to get in touch with our website team. We will ask questions to learn more about your business and identify your content needs. 

Step Two
Content Publication and Syndication

Our team of content developers will get to work on either revamping your existing content or writing new content. Content can then be syndicated through our wide network of Authority News sites. 

Step Three
Monitor Accordingly

We will assess how the content performs after syndication and tweak the outreach strategy as needed using specific KPIs geared toward your needs. 

Our Content Syndication Packages

We have multiple tiers of content syndication available based on your needs. Contact us to learn more about our packages and determine which will be most effective for your budget. 

Blog Article Syndication
1 Article


Blog Article Syndication
2 Articles


Blog Article Syndication
3 Articles


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