Patrick Mabarak

Patrick Mabarak

Patrick Mabarak, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, is an accomplished entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He completed his education at the University of Southern Indiana, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in science after excelling at Lawrence Central High School in 1999.

Driven by a passion for web design, Patrick founded MWD Web Design in 2006, which has thrived for 17 years under his leadership as the CEO. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of Director of Digital Marketing at FrontLobby while serving as an independent SEO consultant for InterTeam and other businesses.

Beyond his professional commitments, Patrick finds solace in family time and enjoys activities such as boating, riding his Harley, and just relaxing. His dedication and expertise in web design have been pivotal, having successfully transformed hundreds of businesses from obscurity to high-traffic, finely-crafted websites.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather and stepfather, Patrick remains steadfast in his pursuit. He aspires to continue his journey, guiding more businesses from conception to fruition while bolstering their online presence and traffic.

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