Which Is Better? WordPress vs Drupal vs Wix. Ultimate Guide for 2021

Which Is Better? WordPress vs Drupal vs Wix. Ultimate Guide for 2021

Which Is Better? WordPress vs Drupal vs Wix. Ultimate Guide for 2021

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WordPress vs Drupal vs Wix

In the early days of the internet, creating a website was very time-consuming and challenging. Only experienced website developers could make websites, usually by scratch. 

Nowadays, website builders and content management systems (CMSs) have made it possible for anyone to create their own website. WordPress, Drupal, and Wix are all great options to consider when developing a custom website for your business. However, which is the best option?

This WordPress vs Drupal comparison will give you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. 

Everything to Know About WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular and widely-used CMS on the internet. The CMS gained steam in 2003, allowing users to easily create a website page-by-page. Now, WordPress powers over 450 million websites

Anyone from experienced website developers to amateurs can use WordPress. Here is what you need to do to get started:

  • Create a WordPress account. 
  • Select a theme or design for your website. 
  • Create your home, about, and other core website pages.
  • Launch your website. 

As a CMS, WordPress saves developers a lot of time when designing their websites. It’s also fully customizable with a full marketplace of plugins that can enhance your website. 

Pros & Cons of Using WordPress:

WordPress may be the most popular CMS in the world, but it’s not an ideal choice for everything. Here are some pros and cons to be aware of when assessing whether you should select a WordPress or Wix website:


  • WordPress is extremely easy to use for anyone. 
  • You can manage your WordPress website from any computer or smartphone. 
  • Search engines love WordPress websites. 
  • You can fully customize your WordPress website.
  • You can scale WordPress as your business grows. 
  • WordPress has a vibrant community of developers to help.


  • You may need to download a bunch of different plugins to have a dynamic website. 
  • You’ll need to update your website and plugins regularly. 
  • If you want a custom website, you may have to hire a professional website developer. 

Who is WordPress Best For?

WordPress is an ideal solution for almost any website developer or business. It provides an easy-to-use platform for those new to website development. 

Also, WordPress is fully customizable and scalable if you build websites professionally or plan to hire a team to manage your site in the future. 

For virtually any purpose, WordPress makes an excellent choice. 

Everything to Know About Drupal

Drupal is one of the oldest CMS solutions on the internet. Founded in 2001, Drupal is used by countless organizations such as Harvard University, Whole Foods, Twitter, and even the Government of Australia. 

Drupal works similarly to WordPress. Users can easily create content pages and select from an assortment of website designs to complete their projects. 

What’s more is that Drupal is a more advanced CMS than WordPress. If you’re a talented website developer or tech-savvy, Drupal may be the best choice for you. 

Pros & Cons of Using Drupal:


  • Drupal is great for creating large, complex websites.
  • Drupal is a free, open-source CMS. 
  • You can scale Drupal to meet your needs.
  • Drupal offers a multilingual platform, unlike other CMSs.
  • Drupal has a vibrant community of like-minded users. 
  • Drupal is a very secure website platform. 


  • Drupal is more difficult to use, unlike other CMSs.
  • You will need basic coding skills and the patience to endure a steep learning curve.
  • Your website’s speed could be impacted if you don’t configure your third-party modules correctly. 

Who is Drupal Best For?

Drupal is best for enterprise companies that have the time and resources to start an ambitious website development project. Also, if you’re looking to build a custom website, Drupal may be a better option than WordPress. 

If you’re engaging in a solo website development project, it’s best to be ready to take part in a steep learning curve to use the platform. 

Everything to Know About Wix

Unlike WordPress and Drupal, Wix is a website builder. Wix was created back in 2006 and has since become a popular website builder for local and small businesses. Rightfully so, Wix offers users the chance to build a fully functional website within a few hours. 

To get started, you must:

  • Create a Wix account. 
  • Select your industry and website design. 
  • Create any website pages and select elements to complete your site. 
  • Launch your website. 

If you need help with creating a Wix website, you can contact their support team or visit their community to receive answers to almost any question. 

Pros & Cons of Using Wix:


  • Wix offers great website speed for users. 
  • Users can choose between dozens of templates. 
  • You can drag and drop any elements to your website. 
  • You can rely on the Wix App Market to enhance your website. 


  • You can’t change templates for your website. 
  • If you choose a free plan, you’ll receive a Wix sticker at the bottom of your website. 
  • Tracking and analytics are unavailable unless you purchase a paid plan. 
  • You can only purchase premium plans for individual websites at a time. 

Who is Wix Best For?

If you want to build a simple website for your local business, Wix may be the best option. The solution is easy-to-use and more affordable than WordPress and Drupal. 

If you’re deciding whether or not to choose a Drupal or WordPress website, Wix just may be the option you’re looking for. 

Which is Better: WordPress vs Drupal?

WordPress is a great option for anyone wanting to build a fully functional website. Drupal is geared toward a more professional audience, and Wix is an excellent option for small businesses. 

Overall, you’ll need to make an informed decision based on what you’re looking for in a website builder. 

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