Easy on the Eye: What Makes a Great Logo?

Easy on the Eye: What Makes a Great Logo?

Easy on the Eye: What Makes a Great Logo?

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What Makes a Great Logo Design

Does your brand logo need an upgrade? If you’re looking to improve your brand image and create something memorable, a great logo is a must-have for your business.

But what goes into a successful logo design? If you’re not a skilled graphic designer or marketer, this might be new to you.

We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn a few things that every successful logo has in common.

A Good Color Scheme

If your brand hasn’t yet developed a color scheme, now’s the time. 

You might think that a good color scheme isn’t necessary, but consider the following: when you think of red and yellow, what comes to mind?

Is it McDonald’s? 

Despite the fact that this burger chain has started to transform its image into a sleek, black look, the red and yellow color scheme is so recognizable that it’s permeated our entire culture.

While your brand may never be that recognizable, picking a color scheme to represent you can keep you in the back of your customers’ minds. When you’re picking your color scheme, keep your logo in mind.

You want colors that contrast well and that are easy on the eyes. Take a look at different types of color schemes to see which one appeals to you. 



When you create a brand logo, you want to make sure that it’s useful wherever you’re advertising yourself. 

This means that it should work just as well in an email header as it does on a business sign, or on a display for a conference or festival. It should work on multiple shapes of a canvas without being squished or stretched out. 

Make sure your logo looks good on all of your mobile sites, your social media, and anywhere else that you intend on placing it before you finish. 

Strong Visibility 

One of the most important factors that make a logo memorable is good visibility. You want people to see your logo and know what it represents right away without having to squint or make guesses.

There are several different kinds of logos, and visibility may be different depending on what kind you choose. 

Logos with monograms should have the letters large and bold on a contrasting background. They should look good together but also be easily differentiated. 

Logos with symbols should also be on a contrasting background, but it’s also important that the symbol is easy to make out. Make sure that your customers know what your symbol or design is if you want them to recognize you by it. 

If your logo is your name, make sure that all letters are large and clear. While swirly fonts are tempting, they can also be illegible. Large fonts that are easy to read are key here.

While a great logo doesn’t make a great business, it certainly doesn’t hurt. A good brand logo can increase your brand recognition and make you more noticeable. Get ahead of the competition by incorporating a successful logo design today. 

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