8 Impressive Benefits of SEO You Need to Know

8 Impressive Benefits of SEO You Need to Know

8 Impressive Benefits of SEO You Need to Know

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Although most business owners have at least heard whispers about the importance of SEO, only 49% of small business owners have actually invested in making their online content search engine optimized. Given that the rate of survival of small businesses, this is something we should stop and consider.

The truth is, if you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of SEO, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice.

Utilizing SEO for your business doesn’t require you or your team to learn a whole new set of skills. You can invest in affordable SEO packages today and start boosting your business immediately. 

Why is this worth your time and money? Read on for eight impressive benefits of SEO that you won’t believe you’ve missed out on until now.

1. SEO Gives You Insight Into How the Web Works

Understanding the way the web works–and how people interact with it–is an important part of keeping your business relevant online. If you’re not taking advantage of tactics like SEO, you’re probably approaching your online content through a trial-and-error approach. When you implement SEO, you start to understand not only how people are searching for products and services but also how search engines respond to those organic searches.

2. Most Website Traffic Is Organic–And SEO Will Boost Those Numbers

We spend a lot of time trying to reach consumers where we think they’re hanging out the most–on websites like Instagram and Twitter. However, Google continues to be the number one most visited website in the world. 

What does that mean for your business? It means that while consumers may respond to your social media and paid advertising, they’re still taking their consumer needs into their own hands and performing organic searches to get what they need. When you start using SEO, you become more visible to those who are turning to search engines for products and services.

3. SEO Builds Brand Recognition

In order to build a base of customers who trust your business and bring you repeat business, you first have to build brand recognition. Consumers are more likely to fulfill their needs with the help of a business they recognize than one they’ve never heard of before. By using SEO tactics, your website can become the one that provides answers to consumers’ questions, which in turn makes you far more recognizable when it comes time to make a purchase.

4. SEO Boosts User Experience

Both Google and consumers aren’t just looking for websites that look nice and have quick load-times. They’re also looking for websites that provide a good user experience, providing clear solutions in fewer clicks. By catering your content to what people are regularly searching for (and including clear calls to action in your optimized content), you boost your user experience for consumers and for Google’s algorithms.  

5. SEO Can Be Localized

If you’re a small business owner, you may be thinking that SEO sounds great for big businesses but may not be useful for you. Why should it matter to your local business what people are searching for all across the web?

The beauty of SEO is that it can be as macroscopic or microscopic as it needs to be. That means that we can narrow down our search and see what people in your community are searching for and find ways that you can meet their specific, localized needs. In the end, going local is a great option for small businesses because local organic traffic is the most likely to convert into real sales.

6. SEO Gets You Closer to Page One

The vast majority of internet users aren’t going past page one of their search engine results. Thanks to Google’s algorithms that seek out the best websites with the most positive user experiences, they don’t usually have to. 

If you’re not using SEO for your online content, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re on that first page of results. You may be getting a decent turnover from your paid advertising, but you’re missing out on all of that organic traffic we talked about earlier.

7. Blog-Style SEO Builds Authority

SEO can be used for all sorts of online content, including things like your product listings. In recent years, you may have seen a growing trend of businesses developing their own blogs covering topics that are relevant to their products or services. This is where you can take advantage of SEO blog writing services.

Why would you want to do that? Incorporating a blog into your business website is a great way to go beyond talking about the products or services you specifically offer. It allows you to establish that you are an authority in your niche and demonstrate your knowledge and skills pertaining to the industry you work in, which allows consumers to deepen their trust.

8. SEO Can Lower Your Need for Paid Advertising

While you may need to invest in SEO, the costs are relatively low and you may even be able to cut back on your SEO investing over time. Unlike paid advertising, you don’t have to keep paying for the content you’ve already created. Once it’s live, it’s live. 

The best way to approach SEO is to combine timely writing (perhaps appealing to a specific need or concern consumers have at the moment) with evergreen writing (addressing questions and concerns that are always relevant). This may sound overwhelming, but SEO experts know how to navigate the ever-changing ways that people interact with the web.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of SEO Today

Roughly half of small businesses are taking advantage of SEO today, but we’re seeking to change that. With affordable SEO services that are catered to your specific needs, we want to make sure that you can start enjoying the benefits of SEO and boosting your online presence.

To find out more about our services or pricing or to get started on our next project together, contact us.

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