How to Boost Your WordPress Ecommerce Business: A Guide

How to Boost Your WordPress Ecommerce Business: A Guide

How to Boost Your WordPress Ecommerce Business: A Guide

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Amazon represents over 50% of all eCommerce sales—so is it worth it to create an eCommerce storefront?

Absolutely; however, you will need to be competitive to survive. To stand out in a tough market like eCommerce, you must put in a lot of extra work. However, how can you improve your sales and draw in customers?

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn various marketing tips that you can employ to enhance your WordPress eCommerce storefront to boost sales and accumulate loyal customers.

Put More of Your Products in Front of Customers

To reach your business goals, you must first optimize your existing traffic. This includes nudging them toward purchasing additional products using one or all of the below methods. Fortunately, WooCommerce has plugins that can help you perform these tasks.

Upsell Higher Value Items

An upsell is when you encourage customers to spend more than initially intended. You can either funnel your shoppers toward purchasing add-on purchases, such as replacement batteries for a watch.

Or, you can help them decide that purchasing a more expensive variation of the product they want is in their best interest.

Compliment Products Your User Is Looking At: Cross-sell

Cross-selling is similar to upselling. It’s where you showcase products to your customers that will complement the product they’re purchasing. For instance, if a customer purchases a cell phone, you can recommend a wireless charger, screen protector, and phone case.

Showcase Similar Products to Ones the Customer Is Viewing

While a customer is viewing a product, you will want to also present the products below based on either their search history or similar products. Because they’ll likely be interested in the products that you recommend due to their purchasing intentions.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization 

If no one can find your products, you will never have any sales. There are plenty of ways to market your products, whether it’s through influencers, social media, or website content marketing. However, search engine optimization (SEO) will get free traffic to your products. 

SEO is the process of getting organic and free traffic through search engines like Bing or Google. However, there are multiple categories where you would need to improve on your website. A couple of them are on-page- and technical SEO. 

Technical SEO 

Technical search engine optimization involves fixing issues related to the backend of your website and meeting technical requirements. For instance, some problems that could affect your site’s SEO in this area include:

  • Lack of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate: this shows customers your website isn’t secure
  • Slow website: a website that takes too long to load will cause users to leave
  • A website that isn’t mobile-friendly: more people are shopping on their phones; therefore, your website needs to be usable on mobile devices
  • Unoptimized for structured data: not having structured data on your website significantly reduces the likelihood of customers finding your products in Google search results 

On-Page SEO

This type of SEO focuses on how relevant your content or products are to the users searching for them. To enhance your WordPress site’s on-page SEO, you’ll want to make sure you have proper headings, keywords your ideal customer would search for, and optimized product images.

However, to enhance any areas of your website’s SEO, you can download plugins like Yoast to automate your workflow. Or, if you want to improve your website’s overall content, you can hire website content writing services.

Improve Your Site’s User Experience

A website that isn’t designed the right way will scare users away. Whether it doesn’t take underrepresented individuals in mind or has a poor website design pattern. You will need to figure out ways to revamp your WordPress site’s design by figuring out what areas your customers are unhappy with. 

To enhance your user experience, first, you will need to figure out why users are abandoning your website. In this scenario, you will want to consider having users test your website and perform user interviews.

However, you will want to outsource your workload to a web design marketing agency to get the best results and save you a lot of time.

Other Ways to Boost Sales and Incentivize Customers

Other than attracting more customers to your site and presenting them with more products, there are many different tactics that you can employ to boost your sales. Some other methods include:

Abandoned cart emails: download software that’ll potentially re-engage users who abandon their shopping cart by sending them an email

Gift cards: to keep customers buying products on only your site and generate additional revenue, sell gift cards.

Coupons and discounts: offer discounts and coupons on holidays or special occasions. You can also offer customers coupons for completing tasks like registering for your mailing list.

Rewards program: encourage customers to only shop with your site. Offer points whenever they make purchases or perform specific tasks. Afterward, they can exchange these points for free items or discounts.

Flash sales: urgency drives sales—promote and host a flash sale, which is when you sell goods at significantly reduced prices.

There Are More Ways to Boost Your WordPress eCommerce Site

Enhancing your website’s user experience and optimizing your WordPress eCommerce site will help a lot. However, there are still issues to tackle.

To figure out these issues, you will need to observe your website’s analytics. Moreover, you will want to perform A/B testing and use tools like heatmaps.

If you want to save time and let eCommerce website designers grow your site. Consider looking into our premium SEO, website design, and hosting services.

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