eCommerce Website Development: What You Need to Know

eCommerce Website Development: What You Need to Know

eCommerce Website Development: What You Need to Know

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In 2020, the arrival of the COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe had a disastrous effect on many businesses. Small brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close from a lack of business.

However, not all businesses suffered from COVID. One sphere saw noticeable growth during this tumultuous time. That sphere was online shopping. 

An eCommerce website like Amazon soared with over 200% growth at the pandemic’s height. Right now, hopeful business owners would do well to consider setting up shop online.

To do so, you need excellent eCommerce website development. Plenty of stores and websites exist online, each vying for users’ attention. How do you build a site that can compete in such a strenuous market?

In this guide, we’ll provide the answers to your questions! Check out our guide below to learn the basics of how to build an eCommerce site that suits your needs.

eCommerce Website Development Options: Website Developer or Builder

When you decide to start an eCommerce website, you have two options. First, you can consider doing the project yourself. This option is best for those working on a tight budget.

If you decide to build your website alone, you’ll need a capable website builder. Some examples of these are Wix, WordPress, and Shopify.

Each of these programs uses an intuitive interface to build a website according to your needs. Each of these has advantages that may work better for varying scenarios. Many prefer Wix for smaller online businesses, for example.

Each of these websites comes with plans that give you various options for building a site. For example, Wix plans range between $23-$49 each month.

If you’d rather trust somebody else to build a website, you can start by finding a website developer. The best eCommerce developer can create a website that fits your vision while also performing well in search engines.

We at MWD Web Design offer several services to craft the best website for your business. To get an idea of how we operate, check out our WordPress design packages.

Choosing the Right Plans for Your Business

Whether you decide to use a builder or developer, the next stage is finding the best plan or package for your business. As we mentioned above, different packages offer varying features to their users. Typically, the more you pay for a plan, the more options you receive.

How do you determine what plans work best? First, spend some time considering your business size and goals.

Where is your business right now? How much revenue does it accrue each year? What are your goals for growth in the next five years?

When you have the answers to questions like these, you can better determine what packages will best accommodate your business. Also, remember that your plan doesn’t lock you into an agreement.

As your business continues to grow, you can choose to upgrade packages to grow your site with your company. While these upgrades may be more expensive, you’ll also have a growing income to make up the cost. If you are not sure which package to start with, you can always consider getting help from ecommerce software companies that can give you some insight and valuable advice.

Get a Domain Name for the Store

When you agree to a package, the next step you or your developer will take is getting a domain name. This name is the URL that identifies your business on the web.

A domain name helps you tremendously when launching a new online store. It helps your customers trust your site and establishes your brand. Think of it as the sign above your store’s doorpost online.

How do you acquire a domain? That depends on the method you choose. You may purchase a domain name through your website builder.

Alternatively, you may use a domain registrar to buy a domain and link it to your online store. If you use a website developer, they’ll likely provide this service for you in the package you choose.

Working with Templates and Themes

When website developers talk about the theme for their websites, they’re referring to the background. What images does your website homepage use? What color schemes and contrasts catch the user’s eye?

In thinking about the website background, it’s helpful to consider your branding. Use background images and colors that convey something about your business’ identity to your customers. You also want a theme that complements, rather than complicates, a user’s experience.

To that end, choose a theme that will do these three things:

  • Use a style consistent with your branding image
  • Utilize features that make your store accessible
  • Make site navigation intuitive for uses

Once you have these ideas in mind, you can begin customizing your theme. Consider including social media information in the site as well. A sizeable social media following is an excellent way to grow your business and make it more visible online. 

Adding Products to the Store

Once you have an operational site, it’s time to get down to business. Start adding products to your site so customers can start purchasing them straightaway.

When you create a product page, make sure you include all the relevant information. Think back to your own browsing experiences. Haven’t you ever been annoyed by a product that didn’t have a full description or price listing?

If so, you know it may turn the customer away from purchasing that product. So, make sure you include all of the following that apply:

  • Product Name
  • Product Price
  • Product Category
  • Product Description
  • Product Weight and Size (if physical object)
  • Product File (for downloadable items)

After you have your products, make sure you have several payment options to meet customers’ needs.

Hiring a Website Developer to Help

As you can see, eCommerce website development relies on intensive work. If you want to ensure the best possible results, we strongly encourage you to hire an eCommerce developer.

In particular, we at MWD have a commitment to helping customers build the best websites for their businesses. If you want a service that can help you create your site, check out our portfolio! If you like what you see, contact us today to learn more. 

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