7 Logo Design Ideas for Your Small Business

7 Logo Design Ideas for Your Small Business

7 Logo Design Ideas for Your Small Business

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Did you know that people can remember an image they’ve seen only once or twice even 10 years later?

Now imagine the kind of impact an image can become when used for branding and marketing. That’s the kind of power businesses harness when using a beautiful and effective logo design.

Don’t leave your brand to chance. Take your time to come up with the best logo design ideas that not only represent your business but also have an impact on your consumers.

Not sure which logo design trends and ideas to take advantage of? Consider our list below for some tips: 

1. Basic but Impactful

Take a moment to consider some of the most recognizable logos in the world. Look at the logos for Apple, Samsung, Nike, and Adidas. Check the logos for Netflix, the Nintendo Switch, and Google.

There is one thing in common: they all feature a simple but impactful design.

Don’t flood your logo design with a lot of visual noise. It’ll make the logo appear messy and convoluted. People won’t be able to conjure it in their minds either, making it harder to remember.

Something basic but stylish is often the best way to go. Some complex logos break the rule, such as the one used by Starbucks. These are rare exceptions.

2. Stylish Black and White

Versatility is one of the main elements of a good logo design.

You want a logo design that people can identify whether they can see it up close or from afar. They should identify it even when shrunken down and printed on a small business card. People should be able to identify the logo even when printed on black and white paper or when you alter the colors.

This is why a stylish black and white logo is always an effective design choice. Of course, you can also replace the flat monochrome colors with one solid color. A logo that uses only white and gold, for example, is a nice variation to this idea.

3. Double Entendre

Looking for a professional logo design that delivers more than one message with a single image? You need a logo with a double entendre meaning. 

A good example is the FedEx logo.

Sure, the bold letters and two colors make it stand out but look at the hidden arrow between the E and X letters. The arrow is a good symbol since FedEx is a courier/logistics company. This logo knocks two birds with one stone.

Other great examples include the logos for Amazon, Toblerone, and Bipolar. The arrow in the Amazon logo, for example, goes from A to Z. This represents how the Amazon website sells almost everything and anything.

To be able to make a logo design with a hidden message or symbol, you need to break down your brand into a bunch of words or images. Pick two that best represent your business and come up with ways to blend them into one logo.

4. Initials

Looking to simplify your logo even further but without sacrificing elegance and style? Do you run a jewelry shop and require a logo that fits on a small engagement ring or pendant? 

Achieve all this by sticking with initials. A lot of tech businesses and trade shops use initials as logos. Think about the logos for Motorola, Adobe, the Nintendo 64, General Electronics, and the Sony Playstation. 

Logos that use initials are also good candidates for double entendre designs. You can get both logo ideas with one design. You can also use initials along with beautiful cursive font, which is one of the other design ideas below.

5. Playing With Colors

Don’t fear colors. A lot of companies worldwide use colors to their advantage. Look at the bright colors on the McDonald’s logo or eBay.

Even the older logos for Microsoft and Apple used bright colors. 

While this design idea isn’t as popular as it once was, you can still give it a spin. Using different colors could also help you stand out from the competition. If every other brand relies on monotone designs, a colorful one will easily grab people’s attention.

Don’t pick colors simply because they’re your favorite. Colors affect how a person feels. Businesses select colors to evoke certain emotions or promote a theme or message.

6. Elegant Script Logos

Not every modern logo needs to use a big, bold, modern font style. You can also rely on a logo design that veers away from this trend and instead rely on something classical, like a cursive script.

Script font styles evoke a sense of class and elegance. These are fancy branding concepts and you’ll often see this style used for jewelry brands, real estate, or wedding/event organizers.

You’ll need a professional logo designer to pull off this kind of design idea. Script font styles require a careful hand and an experienced understanding of how these writing styles work. 

7. Powerful Symbolism

Lions can represent royalty while a dragon symbolizes power. An eagle is a good symbolism of courage and bravery. Using these symbols can evoke an emotional response from your audience even without a single written word.

Again, look at the words and images that best represent your brand and business. The siren on the Starbucks logo, for example, symbolizes the brand’s connections to the sea. For those unaware, the coffee shop’s name comes from the book Moby-Dick.

Try Out These Logo Design Ideas

These are some of the best logo design ideas you can implement right now for your brand. Don’t stick with only one idea either. You can make a simple but impactful logo that plays with colors and has a double entendre meaning too.

Now it’s time to put these ideas to good use!

Fortunately, you don’t need to seek far and wide for a logo design company. We’re here to help you design the most beautiful and effective logo for your business needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call now and let us bring your logo ideas to life!

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