5 Pro Tips for Spectacular Website Graphic Design

5 Pro Tips for Spectacular Website Graphic Design

5 Pro Tips for Spectacular Website Graphic Design

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, internet usage has surged from 40% to 100%.

Let’s face it. Websites have become the most important part of your business. They’re the primary means of building a relationship with consumers. This is why you can’t afford to make your web design anything but spectacular. Web design doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep reading for 5 pro tips to perfect website graphic design. 

1. Be Bold 

If your website isn’t attractive, you’re going to lose business. According to research, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content is unattractive. So if you thought that the visual appeal of your website didn’t matter, think again. 

Eye-catching, beautifully designed websites are the key to your brand’s online success. Your use of color, layout, and even font choices can be a make or break for keeping visitors on your site. 

2. Be Simple

Just because your website needs to stand out aesthetically, it doesn’t mean you should be going over the top. The most beautiful websites are also often the most simple.

Part of good web design is keeping it simple. Visitors to your website shouldn’t have to search for what they’re looking for in a messy design. You don’t need 50 different typefaces and you definitely don’t need more than three colors in your color palette. This will distract visitors to your site, impacting visitor conversion. So, keep it clean and simple.

3. Be Smart

Never let your website graphic design get in the way of your user experience journey. If you were a visitor to your website, would you be able to navigate it easily? How about if you were 80 years old learning to use the internet for the first time?

Always design with accessibility in mind. Your menu bar should be easy to locate and your CTAs should stand out. If you’re encouraging visitors to sign up for an email subscription, make this clear in your design.

If your desire for design flair is putting your user journey at risk, it’s time to reconsider. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to your site to do business with you.

4. Be Fun

While your website exists for visitor conversions, you can also have a bit of fun with it. Obviously not too much fun (see tip 2). Your website is a chance for you to craft your brand’s voice and tone in the online space.

Find out what makes your brand unique, and consider how you can subtly add this tone into your online visual identity. If you find that your current visual identity doesn’t translate well in an online space, it might be time to consider a rebrand.

5. Be Thorough

There’s nothing more distracting for visitors to your site than a slow website. Web design can also affect the functioning of your site, and this needs to be considered in the design process. 

Ensure that all of your images are SEO-friendly, ensure that your design doesn’t slow down your page. And most of all, make sure that your website design is optimized for mobile! Thoroughly checking that every link, image, and design element works properly is essential. 

If you’re worried you haven’t been thorough enough, a professional web design service can make your site beautiful and optimize its functioning. 

Pro Tip

Create an infographic along side your website graphics campaign and reach more users. If you need ideas for your infographics check out MilkWhale.com.

Website Graphic Design Made Easy

Don’t make your website graphic design a last-minute consideration. As long as you keep these pro tips in mind, your graphic design will succeed online. For more information on creating beautiful websites, get in touch today

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