DevOps Engineer as a Career and Whether It is Worth Earning Microsoft Expert Certification

DevOps Engineer as a Career and Whether It is Worth Earning Microsoft Expert Certification

DevOps Engineer as a Career and Whether It is Worth Earning Microsoft Expert Certification

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DevOps is currently one of the most rapidly expanding specializations in the IT sector. It brings together the activities of operations teams and software developers to create more secure solutions and run more quickly and efficiently.

Earning a DevOps certification shows that you have the necessary skills and expertise in the field and can increase your salary. Adding a certificate with international recognition to your resume exposes you to potential clients searching for DevOps engineers for hire.

IT certifications have been widely used to gauge a candidate’s competence with various aspects of information technology for well over a decade. They signal to potential employers that you possess a well-rounded toolkit of abilities that prepare you to manage every situation that may arise in the workplace effectively.

There are a variety of certifications to choose from in the quest to hire a DevOps expert. But in this post, we’ll examine whether or not getting certified as a Microsoft expert is worthwhile. We’ll take a look at the advantages of other popular DevOps certifications.

Profession-Boosting Advantages of Earning a DevOps Certification 

Earning a DevOps certificate is useful for anyone working in or planning to work in the field of software development and operations.

Pay Raises 

This year, 2022, about 11,029 Americans are working in DevOps roles and have yearly incomes of over USD 120,000. Certification in multiple DevOps architectures might provide you an edge in the competitive job market of late, thanks to the growing need for DevOps specialists.

Acceptance Throughout the IT Field

Accreditation in DevOps is not for the faint of heart, but it does pay off in the form of industry respect. Possessing such a certification demonstrates to a potential employer that you have the skills necessary to succeed in a DevOps setting. Obtaining a DevOps certification can open doors to higher-level positions within your company.

Inculcates Competencies Necessary for the Future

DevOps certification helps build long-term employability by providing developers, engineers, and deployment team experts with cutting-edge technical skills. These abilities help you execute services as a cohesive group rather than a collection of individuals working in isolation by increasing your familiarity with the various stages of deployment.

A New Career Path

DevOps is widely regarded as the industry’s wave of the future. You may advertise yourself as a valuable asset to your company and adapt to changes in the market if you have future-proof talents and a career that is unlikely to become outdated soon.

To Become a Microsoft Certified Expert: What Does It Take?

To earn the aforementioned expert-level certification from Microsoft, you must first pass the AZ-400 exam. You’ll have 180 minutes to respond to 40 to 60 questions in seven categories. You need at least 700 on the test to pass with flying colors.

Always note that the prerequisite for this exam is the Azure Developer Associate credential. Consequently, you may wonder what the result will be if you meet the rigorous requirements and pass the examination.

Is obtaining the Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert Certification Valuable?

Cloud computing is employed in many different industries, including but not limited to finance, healthcare, and education. This adaptability will open up many doors for you professionally and guarantee your continued employment. Therefore, it is beneficial to obtain the Microsoft DevOps certification.

Furthermore, gaining an Azure-based accreditation would do wonders for your career because Microsoft is one of the main service providers for cloud services. Top individuals with Microsoft DevOps certifications are in high demand worldwide as businesses lookout to hire DevOps freelancers to oversee critical services and infrastructure. The industry will begin to notice you, and you’ll be among the first to receive raises in rank and pay. 

One of life’s greatest pleasures is mastering the skills necessary to do one’s technical tasks at work. When your company recognizes your skills in building Azure solutions that facilitate the execution of business value, you’ll feel even more appreciated. As a Microsoft-certified DevOps Engineer Expert, you can expect to earn a salary of almost $130,000 per year.

In addition, the adoption rate of cutting-edge technology is incredibly high, and cloud computing is nothing like that. Because of this, there will be a need for even more professionals in the sector. Additionally, displaying your proficiency will be less hassle once you have earned your Microsoft credential. You’ll be able to create and implement plans for things like teamwork, infrastructure, scalability, code quality, compliance, and security. You will be more marketable to potential employers if you possess such skills.

When Insearch of DevOps Engineers for Hire, Other Top DevOps Certifications to Lookout

While many tools and people call themselves DevOps gurus, these are the most widely recognized courses in the industry.

1. Professional Level AWS DevOps Engineer Certification from AWS

Regarding cloud computing, nobody does it better than Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short. Completing the DevOps Engineer course demonstrates to hiring managers that the student has mastered the fundamentals of cloud computing on AWS and the automation and execution of compliance assessments, vulnerability scanning, and governance processes. Most hiring managers prefer the AWS certification when they want to hire a DevOps programmer.

2. DCA (Docker Certified Associate)

Docker is a cutting-edge application that uses containerization to streamline the process of deploying and developing software and completing other programming projects. In addition, DCA holders benefit from Docker’s status as one of the most popular container runtime platforms. This certification attests to your comprehensive knowledge of Docker and containers, including image generation, registry and management, networking, orchestration, security, installation and setup, partitions and storage, and more.

3. CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator)

Kubernetes is one of the most widely used container-based platforms, and now there is a certification for managing it called Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). Benefits can be seen in service and workload management. By obtaining this certification, you demonstrate to potential employers looking to hire a DevOps developer that you have a firm grasp of Kubernetes cluster management and configuration. Kubernetes troubleshooting, customization, installation, cluster architecture, storage, networking, workload sharing, and services are some of the many topics that will be covered on the certification exam.

Final Thoughts 

Getting certified in DevOps demonstrates that you have the knowledge and abilities to succeed in the industry. 

When the hiring manager finds the need to hire DevOps developers, ensure certification assessment before considering employment. Credentials demonstrate to prospective employers that you have a varied set of skills. DevOps is the future of business. Getting certified in DevOps is a must if you want to move up the corporate ladder.

Businesses looking out for DevOps engineers for hire understand how expensive and difficult it is to earn a certification. That’s why the recognition and credibility you’ll get in your field are top-notch. 

Earning Microsoft’s seal of approval would be a huge career boost. One of the most respected credentials in IT is the AWS DevOps Engineer certification.

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