Changing a Logo: Is It Time?

Changing a Logo: Is It Time?

Changing a Logo: Is It Time?

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Companies invest thousands of dollars in the design of their logos in order to strengthen their brand identification with an enduring symbol. Your company’s logos serve as its public face to customers, employees, and shareholders.

As your company and brand identity change, so can your logo. An effective logo is eye-catching and an asset to your business. 

Keep reading to learn more about the process of changing a logo and how to change your brand identity. 

Why Logos Matter

Having a logo is an integral part of your business’s success. A high-quality logo can help you draw in new shareholders and clients to your business. 

Grab Your Attention

Logos can be used to visually communicate a company’s basic beliefs. If you have a strong logo to represent your business, that short attention span can be the difference between confirming a lead or not. 

Foundation to Your Brand Identity

A great logo taps into the emotions of consumers, which is the key to successful branding. A company’s logo is only one aspect of its brand, it forms the basis for the complete story that the brand is based on. Printing your logo on merchandise like business cards and websites can help make your more marketable. 

Types of Logos

Your company’s logos serve as its public face to customers, employees, and shareholders. Your company will want to create evocative logos that help to strengthen your brand identity. There are many different types of logos you can leverage to help improve your brand. 

Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are ones that include an animated character. A mascot logo is a great way to become your company’s spokesperson. This contributes to the identity of your brand.

Businesses that want to promote a family-friendly environment by appealing to children and families can use mascots. Bright, occasionally cartoonish, and nearly always humorous, these characters are a delight. Mascots are fictitious characters that symbolize your company in an image. Think of them as the public face of your business.

Abstract Designs

Some logos include clipart-style graphics for your branding. Instead of using a well-known image, abstract mark logo development displays geometric or abstract shapes that will reflect your brand.

Instead of being constrained to a representation of an identifiable object, abstract logos give you the opportunity to create something wholly unique to represent your brand.

Lettermark and Wordmark

Wordmarks and letter marks draw more attention to the name with visual elements. Wordmarks add a creative element to the name of a company for branding purposes. Letter marks are a more condensed version of this, they intertwine brand initials with creative elements. 

These logos are font-based logo that highlights only the corporate name. Wordmarks and letter mark logos work incredibly effectively when a company has a recognizable name. With these designs, strong typography and pattern can create a strong sense of brand recognition.

Emblem Logos 

Emblem logos represent a brand through badges and crests. These logos typically have a timeless appearance that could make an impression.

On business cards, a sophisticated symbol might only grow so small before it becomes impossible to read. Additionally, if you want to embroider this kind of pattern on caps or shirts, you must be very careful.

Reasons to do a Redesign 

Every few decades companies conduct a total rebrand or refresh their logo to stay relevant. These updates or redesigns are great for their public image and brand identity. 

Changing Brand Name

Brands always alter and evolve, sometimes to the point that their original logo or brand identity is completely lost in the most recent version. If your company needs to change its name to reflect new ownership or a new mission, a new logo can help maintain brand consistency. 

Total Company Rebrand

Repositioning your brand is a deliberate rebranding of your company to alter and shift its public perception. A company may rebrand as a result of a merger, the evolution of its brand identity, or an attempt to recover from declining profits. 

These logo updates can reflect escalating competition, the need to appeal to a new target market, or the need to satisfy shifting consumer needs. Redesigning your visual identity, particularly your logo, is a crucial component of remedial marketing efforts.

Stay Competitive

Your brand must seem current and relevant in a competitive market. If there are numerous new players competing for market share, what attracted attention a few years ago might not be as effective.

If your competitors offer a bigger or more in-demand range of products than you do, this poses another threat to the security of your brand. In these situations, you need more than just a new logo. However, an updated look can play a major factor in your brand’s success. 

How to do a Logo Refresh

If you are looking to update your logo you can either use a proven template or reach out to a professional to make those changes. Depending on your available resources you can use a template or lean on a creative expert for a consultation. 

Use Templates

A logo template is a type of graphic design that frequently consists of text and graphic elements that may be further customized with your brand’s colors and name. A template typically consists of a vector-based object that can have its color and text location changed. When using these templates you can customize different sections of the logo to strengthen your brand. 

Hire Professionals 

Professional graphic artists can work with you and your team to learn more about the inner workings of your company. By gaining these insights they can draft up designs that truly embody your brand identity. 

Stay Relevant By Changing a Logo Design

Changing a logo for an established brand can be incredibly difficult and rewarding. Logos compress your brand identity and help your company gain recognition in a saturated market. 

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